The root

These are my people.

My loving, good looking, meticulously clean hubby Ryan. My sweet, sensitive eldest son Noah. My fun, belly laughing middle son Luke. And my beautiful girl who literally has no fear, Caroline. And I get to be their creatively messy yet huggable mama and wife!

My 5 favorite things.

1. Days that have absolutely no humidity.

2. Ice Venti Chai Lattes with almond milk, YUM.

3. A good Target run all. by. myself.

4. Game nights with friends or family that go late and way past usual bedtimes.

5. Documenting the quirky, weird and funny things my kids say to me every day.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done?

Having 3 kids in 4 years!! It was crazy town and in many ways still is currently.

My mission.

As a mom, I understand how truly hard and tough the first 5 years of childhood can be as a parent. The rollercoaster needs some fun, it needs some moments to set aside to laugh and enjoy the growth that has happened:

the personalities that have developed

the fleeting chubby cheeks

the cute toothless grins

that one stuffed animal that they can’t let go of…

The days are long but the years are short, I’d love the opportunity to capture these days for you!