Painted Wood Subway Art

I had the privilege of making a Subway Art sign for a couple that is dear to my heart!  Dale and Barbara celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary today! Wow, I can only imagine what an amazing feeling that must be as a couple.  I was given the task to make a sign for Dale, including all the places that they have traveled through the years.  It was a collaborative effort from Ashley, their daughter, Barbara and myself to make this idea come to life.  I thought I would show you the steps I took to make the sign, I was thrilled with how it turned out!

First, I designed the text with Adobe Photoshop, and had a blueprint made at Staples as a 16x20. Then purchased plywood in a 2x2 size, black spray paint and white exterior paint to paint the words. 

I then spray painted the wood black and let it dry completely.  After the paint was dry, I attached the blueprint to the wood, and carefully traced all the wording with an Exact-o knife, to make an indention in the wood.  This way I could see all the different fonts, and keep the proportions almost identical to the image.

After the etching into the wood with the knife, I could easily follow the lines with the white paint. I used a tiny brush to keep the thin lines exact, and I was SO happy to find the perfect little brush!!  After all the wording was done, we trimmed the wood and I painted the sides white.  The scraps from the sides, we used as a mount on the back for hanging purposes, so the sign itself would hang away from the wall a bit.  

I seriously had so much fun making this sign.  I can't wait to try some more projects/crafts on wood.  Stay tuned for some more projects this summer!

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