Quiet is cool...

Recently, my husband's work had a holiday party, where the name tags were little jokes that you had to figure out in order to know where to sit.  It was a really fun way to get to know people because you had to open up as to what was behind the name on your name plate.  Ryan's was "Quiet is cool" which is hilarious because when I first started dating Ryan, people would ask me all the time why he was so quiet.  Well, he is the type of person that opens up a lot once he knows you better.  Get him in front of a Cowboys football game and you will understand that he saves all of his energy, all of his loudness for such occasions!  That name plate is sitting on our fridge because I thought it was so funny!  However, lately it has got me thinking about being quiet and having quiet moments.  Both of my boys are full of energy and life; they definitely play hard and sleep hard!  I've found myself during nap time, intentionally turning off the TV, and enjoying the quiet moments in the house.  I came across this verse...β€œIn repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)  What a great reminder that we need rest and quiet to be restored to strength.  Sometimes just a few moments of quiet can change the course of a day for the better.  It can remind us to be grateful for the little things, and to keep on going in the midst of a hardship or battle.  Sometimes just being still can soften all the reminders of tasks that need to be done, and call you to start being yourself and not just settle for the ordinary.  Watching my boys have their own quiet moments also remind me just how important quiet is for the mind to grow and learn.  You must take some time for quiet, because the world is always throwing us loudness in abundance!  I'm so glad every time I go to open the fridge I am beckoned to know that "quiet is cool".  Here are some quiet moments I was able to document as of late, enjoy!