My sweet family

My sweet family

Why Sappy Root?

Many might wonder why I chose to have a website titled "Sappy Root" when I am just one person, one artist, showcasing my work.  I have thought long and hard about this one. For me, I sit somewhere in between worlds.  As a photographer, I work for people.  As an artist, I work for myself.  As a mom, I work for my family.  These are all a part of me, and my art work has always reflected a personal narrative of some sorts, so I am compelled to showcase not just one side of myself, but all of it.

For me, I always wanted to be an artist.  Growing up, my grandmothers really poured into me.  When I think about who has been my inspiration in a lot of ways, both of my grandmothers take the cake.  They both were incredible mothers, and both worked more than anyone I know.  They both created legacies that extend far, and everyone that knew them sings praises of lives well lived.  

I first came to love photography in my high school years.  I wanted to photograph everything.  I followed this dream and got an education. I completed two degrees in photography; a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University and a Master of Fine Arts at the University of North Texas.  Above anything else, my education within the arts taught me that the creative process is circular and never complete.  New ideas will always come and hard work it will take to complete.   Art. Family. Life.  All roots that run deep within me and cause me to have the desire to create.  That is what is behind the name Sappy Root.  

Now, I am busy with raising a family and teaching students at Dallas Baptist University.  It is my pleasure to see my kids grow and my students learn about the joy of creating.  I am drawn to record all the little moments, and try to not live life too fast.  My hope is that my own legacy will be one of hard work, enjoyment, and art for art's sake. Come here to enjoy the roots of my life, and see what the roots have compelled me to create.


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